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Appleton Campbell is reaching out to our customers to advise of a possible malfunction associated with surge protectors installed on HVAC systems between 2014 and 2015.

It has come to our attention that certain ‘Supco SCM 150’ and ‘Supco SCM 60’ surge protector models supplied by our distributors do not meet the advertised product specifications. We believe that the use of the ‘Supco SCM 150’ surge protector can potentially lead to overheating, and if left unresolved, could create a potential fire hazard over time.

Here at Appleton Campbell, the safety of our customers is our highest priority. Accordingly, while there is currently no government recall of these surge protectors, Appleton Campbell is encouraging its customers to promptly inspect their HVAC system to determine if a Supco surge protector was installed at their residence. We have included a visual guide to assist you in determining whether your HVAC system includes a ‘Supco SCM 150’ or ‘Supco SCM 60’ surge protector.

In the event you cannot inspect your HVAC system, or if you remain uncertain about the location or brand of surge protector installed on your system, please contact us to schedule a time for us to inspect your HVAC system. We greatly appreciate your business, and look forward to meeting all of your heating and cooling needs.

Why is Appleton Campbell providing notice of a potential issue with surge protectors?
  • The Supco SCM 150 and Supco SCM 60 units have been identified as having a high possibility of malfunctioning. There have been reports of a small number of surge protector units overheating, emitting smoke, melting, or catching fire.

    Although there is no official government recall of this product, Appleton Campbell is voluntarily reaching out to its customers to encourage the replacement of this surge protector unit.

What surge protector models are affected?
  • Appleton Campbell is recommending the replacement of the Supco SCM 150 and Supco SCM 60 model surge protectors. The units were installed by numerous HVAC contractors across the country.
How do I know whether a Supco SCM 60 or SCM 150 surge protector is installed at my residence?
  • View the Visual Guide. The model number is printed on the name plate sticker located on front of the unit.
I found a Supco SCM 60 and/or SCM 150 model installed on my HVAC system. What should I do now?
  • Appleton Campbell is recommending that these units be replaced immediately.
How long will it take to replace the surge protector?
  • A licensed HVAC contractor and/or licensed electrician can typically replace a surge protector in less than one hour.
Can I remove the unit myself?
  • DO NOT attempt to remove a surge protector from your residence. Only a licensed HVAC contractor and/or licensed electrician should remove the unit.

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